This origami is quite simple, but at the same time will be a beautiful and original gift.

Step 1

You will need four square sheets of paper: one for the leaves of the rose, and three – for its petals. If the color of the leaves is clear, then for the petals you can choose any color you like. We decided on red – the symbol of love and beauty.
The size of the green square and the largest red square will be the same. The length of the side of the middle square should be about the length of the large one, and the length of the small one – from the length of the middle one.

Step 2

The petals from all three red squares will be folded the same way. Start by folding the basic origami square base.

Step 3

Fold the right corner to the center line, mark the fold, and unfold.

Step 4
Step 5

Fold the top edge of the right corner to the line you just marked. In this form, fold the corner again toward the center.

Step 6
Step 7

Repeat the same steps with the left corner, as well as the corners on the backside.

Step 8

You have a hollow shape that resembles a bowl. Open it up by pressing lightly on the bottom.

Step 9

From the green square, you need to fold the origami “Lily” according to the instructions on our website.

Step 10

Place the bowl petals into each other, and then place the finished lily at the base of the resulting rose.

If you want, you can dot with glue to make the pieces stick together more firmly.

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