Origami Sampan

A simple sampan boat is easy to make using the origami technique. It will require only a sheet of paper and a little bit of your time. Assembly is pretty easy. And only at the stage of unfolding can arise difficulties, with which you will certainly cope. Build a boat and let it go on a long voyage on the water!

Step 1

Prepare a sheet of paper 15 x 15 cm.

Step 2

Fold the sheet in half horizontally.

Step 3

Open the sheet and you will see a fold in the middle of the sheet.

Step 4

Fold the top edge to the center fold line, and iron the resulting fold well with your fingers.

Step 5

Repeat the same steps with the bottom edge. See the result in the photo.

Step 6

Bend the left bottom corner of the obtained shape to the middle fold line.

Step 7

Bend the right bottom corner identically to the middle.

Step 8

Repeat the same actions with the upper right and then the left corner (see the figure in the photo).

Step 9
Step 10

Wrap the bottom left corner again to the middle – the corner will be longer (as in the photo).

Step 11

Repeat with the other three corners (see photo).

Step 12
Step 13
Step 14

In the resulting figure, you need to bend the top corner to the middle.

Step 15

Now repeat the same with the bottom corner, and bend it to the middle. Iron all the fold lines.

Step 16

Fold the shape in half lengthwise, see the result in the photo.

Step 17
Step 18

Begin to unfold our boat. It should be turned out carefully on the other side. Act gradually, and watch the result of the steps in the photo.

Step 19
Step 20

The boat is ready!

Step 21
Step 22

The boat turns out to be strong, reliable and on it, you can sail to faraway countries!

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