Sassy and proud, with a beard and bushy eyebrows. Most often black in color. Sometimes bites. Guess who we’re talking about? These are all characteristics of the Scottish Terrier, a small-sized hunting dog native to Great Britain.

Unlike other dogs, these terriers don’t need much attention from their owners. They are even capable of snapping at annoying children. But Origami Scottish Terrier will not bite. And you can play with him as much as you want. Below we offer you step-by-step instructions for creating a Scottish Terrier figure from paper in the origami technique.

Step 1

Take a 15×15 cm square of origami paper, and put it in front of you with the colored side down. Black, gray, and brown paper is suitable to make your terrier as realistic as possible.

Step 2

Make a horizontal and vertical fold in half, iron the seams well with your fingers, and then unfold the paper to its original position.

Step 3

Now make a fold on the diagonal of the square.

Step 4

Fold the opposite corners to the center of the square.

Step 5

Fold back the right triangle and bend its outer corner into a quarter.

Step 6

Fold the right triangle with the bent corner back toward the center.

Step 7

Now bend the corner of the left triangle so that it protrudes slightly beyond the figure.

Step 8

Fold the entire figure in half along the diagonal folding line made in Step 3.

Step 9

Fold the top layer of the figure diagonally (AB) upward.

Step 10

Turn the figure back and make the same fold on the CD diagonal upwards.

Step 11
Step 12

Make a diagonal fold as shown in the photo.

Step 13

Turn the figure backward and make the same diagonal fold as in Step 12. You can already see the outline of the future dog!

Step 14

Now you need to look under the dog’s chin and pull the beard outward to turn the dog into a Scottish Terrier.

Step 15
Step 16
Step 17

Straighten the dog and place it on its feet.

The big lion in the body of a small dog is ready. Give him a ball! He doesn’t bark, he doesn’t bite and you don’t have to wake up early in the morning to walk him. Pure perfection!

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