Origami Secret Heart

An original origami heart is the best way to make a surprise and confess your feelings! Inside the heart, you can hide a miniature souvenir and, most importantly, an inscription with a declaration of love! With a step-by-step master class, it’s very easy to do it!

Step 1

Take a piece of paper measuring 15 by 15 cm. Color is a personal choice.
Fold the square along both diagonals, crease the folds well with your fingers, and open again.

Step 2

Fold all 4 corners to the center to form an envelope. Open back (see photo).

Step 3

Flip a piece of paper. Fold the upper left and lower right corners to the nearby fold line and to the middle (as in the photo).

Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

Write any inscription that you desire in the center or you can add a sticker. When you open the heart, this inscription will appear.

Step 8

Wrap the top and bottom corners towards the center so that they meet. This is the model you should get.

Step 9

Unfold to get a flat paper.

Step 10

Make several folds, as in the photo. To do this, alternately fold and unfold the left and right sides.

Step 11

Now, two folds diagonally on the right, as in the photo.

Step 12

Fold the right side of the model over the left, according to the existing folds. Look at the steps in the photo.

Step 13
Step 14
Step 15
Step 16

Fold the upper and lower ends of the right side to the center, as in the photo.

Step 17

Fold the fourth corner of the right side as in the photo.

Step 18

Fold the right side in half.

Step 19
Step 20

Repeat all the steps for the left side, starting from step 8 and ending with step 12. You should get a figure like in the photo.

Step 21

To form a heart, make the folds at the bottom.

Step 22
Step 23

Now, make folds at the top, forming a heart.

Step 24

Look what happened – a secret heart that opens up and conveys all your feelings instead of all words!

It is trendy to put something light and small inside. Please your loved one with such an original card!

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