Origami Small Cup

Miniature bright cups for a doll tea ceremony can be made from colored paper. The process will take about 15 minutes, but the joy and fun will last for a long time. Of course, it is impossible to pour liquid into such a vessel, but it is quite possible to imagine that dolls’ tea is poured into cups placed on the table, lay out treats, and seat guests for a lovely conversation.

The finished cup will be four times smaller than a sheet of paper. An origami square with a side of 16 centimeters will produce a craft 4 centimeters high. Scissors and glue will also come in handy. The cup can be decorated with a picture or sticker. To do this, you will need felt-tip pens or paints. If you can’t draw, you can glue a ready-made sticker or cut out a funny picture from an old magazine.

Step 1

Fold the square in half, connecting the top and bottom sides.

Step 2

A horizontal line will appear on the unfolded sheet of paper.

Step 3

Connect the sides of the paper in the center along the marked line.

Step 4

Fold the figure in half, matching the short sides, open it back, and flip it.

Step 5

Draw lines dividing all parts of the shape into 4 rectangles; to do this, alternately align the lower and upper lines with the middle.

Step 6
Step 7

Each of the four rectangles needs to be folded in half to make 8 parts.

Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
Step 11
Step 12

Place the figure with the wide part towards you. Bend the part of the paper folded towards the middle and cut it off.

Step 13

Cut off one outer rectangle.

Step 14

Turn the shape over. Decorate the central part with a pattern, sticker, or applique.

Step 15

Close the figure into a ring, and glue along the short edge.

Step 16

Decorate the bottom by placing glue-coated strips on top of each other to form a barrel.

Step 17

Cut the part for the handle from the remaining strip; it is equal to three rectangles.

Step 18
Step 19

Fold the part coated with glue in half along a long line, coat it with glue, and fold it again to form a narrow strip.

Step 20
Step 21

Give the strip a rounded shape with small bends at the ends, and glue the handle. There you go!

Step 22

It’s better to make several cups at once so that there is enough for all the doll guests.

Making toys with your own hands develops children’s imagination, creative thinking, and teamwork skills. It’s great if adults take part in the creation process: they can help read the description, explain the difficult moments, and take part in choosing the decor.

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