Origami animal figures are one of the favorite toys for kids. And if they have some extra features, they are even more interesting! Today we will share with you step-by-step instructions for making one of such special toys. Origami Sea Bass, or Snapper, is a shaped origami toy that makes a clicking sound when you open and close it. So let’s start;

Step 1

Take A4 size printer paper. (Dimensions 210mm x 297mm.) Draw a center line on the wide side.

Step 2
Step 3

Fold the paper in half. Fold well and then unfold. (You can repeat this action several times).

Step 4
Step 5

Fold the edges of the sheet so that they come together in the center line, and bend in the opposite direction from the bend made in Step 2-3.

Step 6

Fold the edges of the sheet in the direction of the bend made in Step 4.

Step 7
Step 8

Turn the sheet over and repeat Step 4 with the second edge of the sheet.

Step 9

Fold the corners of the sheet to one side as shown in the photo.

Step 10
Step 11

Now Fold the paper in half, bringing the folded corners to the inside of the sheet.

Step 12

Determine the center point, by the wide part of the shape. The center can be determined by folding the figure in half. Next, make a 1 cm cut in the center.

Step 13

Thanks to this cut, we can fold the paper at an angle from the cut to the tips (both on the right and left sides of the resulting figure).

Step 14

Unfold the figure by the sections folded in Step 13 (at the cut points).

Step 15

Take the bottom part of the resulting figure and bring the ends of the paper together. ( Bring the tips of the paper to each other, and you will hear an original sound, similar to the sound that makes a sea bass in the aquarium).

Step 16

Congratulations, your Origami Sea Bass (Snapper) is ready, now show your imagination and color your figure.

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