These instructions will help you to create a wonderful themed origami for the New Year. You can have a nice and fun time and, at the same time, make a very cute figure. This little paper snowman is sure to cheer you up. It can be used as a Christmas tree decoration, a bookmark, or placed on a shelf for everyone to admire.

Step 1

This origami is quite simple to make, but the youngest origami masters may need the help of adult friends. To make it, you will need a light sheet of paper measuring 15×15 cm, as well as a small red paper for the New Year’s snowman hat – 7.5×7.5 cm.

Step 2

First, let’s make the snowman himself: take a sheet of paper measuring 15×15 cm.

Step 3

Fold the paper along a vertical axis, crease the fold, and unfold.

Step 4

Cut the paper along the fold line. You only need one-half of it.

Step 5

Fold it in half vertically, then unfold it.

Step 6

Now, fold the paper along a horizontal axis, crease the fold, and unfold.

Step 7

Fold the top corners to a vertical line.

Step 8

A horizontal fold divides the paper into two parts: fold the lower one in half, bending its lower edge inward.

Step 9

Carefully crease the fold and unfold.

Step 10

The central third portion must be divided into three equal parts. Draw a horizontal line between the middle and bottom using a pencil.

Step 11

Fold the top down, aligning along the lowest fold line.

Step 12

Now, bend it upward along the horizontal line that you drew with a pencil.

Step 13

Turn the paper over.

Step 14

Fold the top down along the fold line.

Step 15

Next, fold this part up, as shown in the photo.

Step 16

Check how the paper should look from the side.

Step 17

Turn the shape over.

Step 18

Alternately fold the sides to the center line.

Step 19
Step 20

Now, carefully follow the instructions in the photo: in the central part on the right, make a flattening fold.

Step 21
Step 22

Make a flattening fold on the right side of the bottom of the shape.

Step 23

Repeat steps 20-22 on the left side of the figure.

Step 24

Alternately fold the right and left lower corners up, as shown in the photo.

Step 25
Step 26

Fold the top corner down until the corners of the paper intersect.

Step 27

At the top of the figure, fold the side corners inward.

Step 28

Fold the left and right corners in the lower half of the figure inward as well.

Step 29

Turn the figure over and you will see how the image of a snowman is starting to appear.

Step 30

Take a small red piece of paper. If it is colored only on one side, then the colored side down.

Step 31

Fold it in half, crease the fold, and unfold it.

Step 32

Fold both top corners towards the center line.

Step 33

Turn the paper over and fold the bottom edge up about 0.5–1 cm.

Step 34
Step 35

Turn over again. Now, you need to fold the paper twice along the dotted lines.

Step 36
Step 37
Step 38

Turn the shape over and fold the edges of the paper protruding from the bottom inside the cap.

Step 39
Step 40

Final touch: fold the top corner back and to the side.

Step 41

Both pieces of origami are ready!

Step 42

Now all that remains to do is to connect them and enjoy the result. To make the figure even cuter, you can add eyes, nose, and buttons on imaginary clothes to the snowman.

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