Origami Soaring Eagle Airplane

This plane is like an eagle soaring in the skies, arrogantly looking at the ground in search of unlucky prey. With its ability to travel up to 10 meters in a single launch, it occupies a special place among prototypes specializing in long-range flight.

To make it, you will need a paper clip, a little tape or glue, paper, a ruler, and a simple pencil. Follow the instructions in this article and launch the representative of the impressive flight range category into the air.

Step 1

Place the sheet of paper vertically and mark 6.5 cm on each side.

Step 2

Make a horizontal fold so that the top edge is in contact with the marks.

Step 3

Fold along the paper overlay line.

Step 4

Fold the figure vertically in half.

Step 5

Fold the top edge toward the center.

Step 6

Turn the shape e over and repeat on the other side.

Step 7

Straighten the figure to the condition described in step 2.

Step 8

Fold the ends of the resulting rectangle so that their edges coincide with the diagonals.

Step 9

Fold the corners of the shape towards the center line.

Step 10

Lower the top corner, connecting the sharp end with the bottom line.

Step 11

Fold back the top portion about 2.5 cm.

Step 12

Fold right angles on both sides of the triangle, aligning their edges with the side lines of the triangle.

Step 13

Make guiding marks on the model as follows: mark the places in the triangular part of the figure where the distance from the center line to each side is 1.5 cm; from the bottom, mark 2.5 cm on both sides of the central fold and connect the top and bottom marks located on one side.

Step 14

Mark 1 cm in the upper left corner of the workpiece and 1.5 cm in the lower left corner. Connect the marks with a line, forming one of two flaps. Do the same procedures with the right wing.

Step 15

Make folds on the wings in accordance with the illustration.

Step 16

Use tape or glue to secure the paper tightly together at the nose of the plane.

As a finishing touch, attach a weighted paper clip about five centimeters from the tip, giving the structure strength and making the flight more stable.

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