Origami Sombrero

Did you know, that Hats make up one of the most popular categories in all origami instructions requests? There are dozens of different models for different needs. Some are used for theater performances, others — for painting the walls, and some — just for decorations.

Today we are sharing with you a detailed scheme for creating one of the most colorite hat models, a sombrero! This is a simple origami sombrero to add to your collection of origami crafts. Below you will find instructions for making a small souvenir hat, but if you take a larger square of paper – the sombrero will be bigger!

Step 1

Take a 6″ x 6″ (15cm x 15cm) square piece of paper with the colored side facing down. Fold on the diagonal. Fold well and unfold.

Step 2

Fold both sides to the center. Fold well.

Step 3

Then fold over the top tip.

Step 4

Turn the piece over.

Step 5

Fold the top over about 2.25 inches or 5.5 cm.

Step 6

Fold it as shown by the dotted line.

Step 7

Flip the product over.

Step 8

Now fold both sides towards the center and also make a pumpkin-shaped crease.
Starting from the right side, fold it towards the center, lift the paper slightly, and fold it.

Step 9

Now repeat Step 8 for the left side.

Step 10

Flip the paper over. Your origami sombrero is ready!

Step 11

Put the paper hat on your favorite toy, or just hang it on the wall as decoration. Share with us the results of your work and impressions!

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