Origami Square Base (Method 1)

Below you will find one of the most popular methods of folding a Square Base Origami figure. Making a lot of origami patterns starts with this basic element. So if you want to master this art or just fold something interesting out of paper, craft this basic pattern. Later you can turn it into a frog or a ninja star. Choose a square sheet of origami paper of the desired color, depending on which figure you decided to make out of this element.

Step 1

Take a square piece of paper.

Step 2

Fold it twice diagonally, joining the opposite corners. Mark the fold well each time, then unfold it. Important: these folds should be concave (called “valleys” in the art of origami).

Step 3

Next, fold the sheet twice, joining first the right and left sides, then the top and bottom sides. Important: these folds should be convex (“mountains”). Work out the folds, unfold.

Step 4

Now it is easy to fold this sheet into a smaller square – the diagonal lines will fall inside.

Step 5

Turn the figure upside-down, so that the sharp corner is pointing up-left.

Step 6

Open the resulting pocket on the left of the figure, and press it to the flat part of the element.

Step 7

Now you have one of the basic origami figures ready.

Step 8

Do not stop at light paper figures, because the fascinating world of origami is waiting for you!

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