Origami Squash Fold №2

Such a pocket is made on the basis of a blank for a water bomb.

Squash fold is one of the basic elements in the art of origami, which is used to make a large number of figures. The quality of the finished toy depends on the correct execution of Squash Fold, so try to follow the instructions below as carefully as possible.

This squash fold is made based on Water Bomb, another important origami element. You can find the instructions on how to fold it on our website choose the color of the paper depending on what figure you are going to create.

Yes, at the end of this diagram, you will not get a figure of an animal or a flower, but trust us, the Squash Fold is used in a huge amount of origami figures, so mastering this technique will definitely not be a waste of your time. Sometimes we need to spend ten minutes doing simple things, which in the end will lead us to great results!

Get your finders and plain paper ready and let’s start! Try to be as attentive as possible, and check each step with our photo and video instructions.

Step 1

Such a pocket is made on the basis of the base for a water bomb. The original paper must be folded along the central horizontal line twice (side and top) to make a small square.

Step 2

You should get a folded double square, which can open its “mouth”, like in the photo.

Step 3

Then, you need to flip the top valve. Lift and smooth its edges, so that you get a pocket.

Step 4

Place the figure with the pocket facing upright.

Step 5

Fold and iron all the lines, making them straight.

Step 6

The next basic figure is ready, and you are one step closer to the art of origami!

This craft is perfect for training beginners and getting them into the wonderful world of origami!

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