Origami Squash Fold №3

Below you will find an instruction on one more method of Squash Fold, the element, which is used as a base for many complicated origami figurines. This is a very important fold, which you can find in many patterns, so we recommend mastering this skill properly, as the final origami result will depend a lot on how well you make the Squash.

Another tip from our team: First try practicing folding on regular paper, and when the skill is perfected, take origami paper of the color in which you plan to make the final product. Here everything depends solely on your imagination.

This version of the Squash Fold pocket is made based on the frog figure, another basic element of the origami technique. In that case, the original square must be placed in the form of a rhombus and then folded twice (along the vertical and horizontal lines in the center) to make a small triangle.

Step 1

To create this pocket, you need a larger triangle – a square paper folded in half.

Step 2

Imagine a center line dividing it into smaller triangles. You need to take one end of the figure and fold along this line – from the edge to the center. As a result, you get an asymmetrical figure.

Step 3

Next, you would unfold the resulting pocket to the sides and press its upper part tightly against the base, then unfold it again.

Step 4

After unfolding, add some volume to the figure, carefully lifting and slightly spreading the resulting pocket.

Step 5

Congratulations! You have just mastered a very important element of the origami art. Even two of them, as this version of Squash fold was made based on the Frog element. Now you are one step closer to creating more complex origami figures.

Sometimes it is important to devote several minutes to practice simple folds, as they will lead you to more interesting things. This craft is perfect for training beginners and getting them into the wonderful world of origami!

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