Origami Squash Fold №4

There are several techniques on how to make one of the basic origami elements, the Squash Fold. And bellow you will find one of the options. At first glance, this fold may seem difficult to make, but thanks to the step-by-step description of actions, the process will go quickly and easily. Start by choosing the color of your origami paper. It will depend on what kind of figure you plan to create with the Squash Fold.

Step 1

We take a square blank as a base. This fold can be used to shape paper into a square or a diamond and is the base for many origami patterns.

Step 2

Fold the paper diagonally, then fold the triangle with the straight corner. Iron the fold lines well.

Step 3

Turn the paper backside up and fold up the remaining triangular flap. This creates a small square or diamond-shaped figure.

Step 4

Next, you need to fold the outer corner of the upper valve of the figure outward, towards the center line from the edge.

Step 5

Then we unfold the valve from the inside – to get a small pocket. We press, and then unfold this pocket.

Step 6

Then, you would unfold the valve from the inside to get a small pocket.
You have to press, then unfold this pocket.

Step 7

As a result, we got another basic figure for origami.

This craft is perfect for training beginners and getting them into the wonderful world of origami!

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