Origami Squash Fold №5

Here we introduce you to one more option for making a basic Squash fold, the element, which is used in many origami figures. However, this fold can be a figure itself. This folding simple method is called “polar bear”, and apart from being one of the basic elements in more complicated paper toys, it also can be a bear, if you paint a face after it’s done.

Note: Since the polar bear is white, it is better to take the white paper. But if you are going to use this fold as a basic element for another figure, choose the color, which suits best the result.

Step 1

Fold the square piece of paper in half twice – horizontally and vertically, then unfold. Fold the paper again, now diagonally to make a triangle. You need to fold so that the seam between the edges of the paper runs from the bottom and to the right, as in the figure.

Step 2

The right side (about 2-2.5 cm) is folded inward. Then, you need to unfold this part back.

Step 3

You would fold the upper fragment of the resulting fold towards yourselves and press it to the bottom, then unfold it again. In this case, a kind of “beak” is formed.

Step 4

If desired, you can also draw the eyes, nose, and other body parts of the bear.

This craft is perfect for training beginners and getting them into the wonderful world of origami!

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