Origami Stunt Airplane

An airship made according to the proposed design makes turns and loops. If you bend the tips of the wings, you can change the flight characteristics: the airplane will tilt and flip, and quickly maneuver in flight. Such stunts are performed only by aircraft controlled by top-class pilots with excellent self-control and endurance.

It will not be possible to compete in flight range with maneuverable aircraft, but watching the stunts is very exciting. It is better to launch such an airplane upwards, and not into the distance, so that it glides longer, being picked up by air currents. You can guess where the alternate airfield will be at every launch.

Step 1

Mark the point of the horizontal fold, aligning the top side of the sheet of paper alternately with the right and left sides, and open the paper.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

The new fold line will be at the level of the intersection point of the diagonals. Bend the paper towards yourself.

Step 7

Mark the center line, connecting the right and left sides, and open the figure.

Step 8

Fold the top corners, aligning them in the center. The accuracy of the folds affects symmetry.

Step 9

Expand the entire sheet of paper and align the lines: bring the horizontal middle line of the sheet towards the middle, forming two upper and lower triangles separated by a partition. Crease the folds.

Step 10

Fold the corners of the lower triangle by about a third. The fold is positioned subjectively and does not connect to the top of the main figure, but makes the lower corners sharper. Compare with the illustration.

Step 11

Turn the figure over.

Step 12

Mentally divide the height of the triangle into three parts and bend the top towards yourself by two-thirds.

Step 13

Fold the bottom corner up so that it protrudes above the fold. Compare the result with the illustration.

Step 14

Close the entire figure along the vertical middle line, aligning the sides.

Step 15
Step 16

Bend the wings at a distance of about two centimeters at an equal distance along the entire length of the main axis.

Step 17

Bend the corners of the upper wings along a vertical line. Choose the width of the fold indent yourself.

Step 18

Excellent result!

The bends at the ends of the wings of this model, like those of a real airliner, reduce air resistance, increase flight speed, and allow for better maneuverability. You might also want to decorate the wings. You can draw pictures with markers or felt-tip pens and add your favorite stickers.+

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