Origami Sunflower

Sunflower combines a flower and the sun. To make it in the origami technique you will need yellow and green paper, patience, imagination, and a little time.

Step 1

Take a square of origami paper or ordinary one-sided colored paper of yellow color 15×15 cm. Put the colored side down.

Step 2

Find the centers of the two adjacent sides and make folds along them, folding corner to corner.

Step 3

Now fold the corners of the square to the center so that they meet but do not overlap.

Step 4

Imagine a line about 1 cm from the bottom side of the square and bend the triangle toward you along it.

Step 5

Do the same with the rest of the triangles.

Step 6

Turn the figure over with the colored side up. You have a sunflower in front of you!

Step 7

Now you need to make the stem of the sunflower. Take origami paper or ordinary one-sided colored paper of green color 15×15 cm. Lay the colored part down.

Step 8

Make a fold on the diagonal of the square.

Step 9

Now make two triangular folds towards the center fold.

Step 10

Fold the bottom triangle twice: first in half to the center fold, and then along it.

Step 11
Step 12

Fold the bottom half of the triangle up along the dotted line as shown in the photo.

Step 13

Turn the figure over. You have a sunflower stem in front of you!

Step 14
Step 15

Now you need to connect both figures to attach a sunflower to its stem. Beautiful!

Now you know how to make a beautiful origami flower, which you can please your friends, loved ones or make your mom happy!

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