The lotus is one of the main symbols of Asian culture. This extremely elegant white flower can be made from paper! With the help of our step-by-step instructions, even a beginner in the art of origami will be able to do the origami lotus figure. Let’s give it a try!

Step 1

Take light and thin paper: for example, tissue or paper napkin (It is important because ordinary heavy paper can tear). Cut a square out of it – 25×25 cm or larger.

Step 2

Fold it in half diagonally – first on one side, then on the other so that there are fold marks, and unfold it.

Step 3

Fold all 4 corners of the square so that they end up in the center.

Step 4

Repeat this step two more times.

Step 5
Step 6

Turn the product over to the wrong side.

Step 7

Fold the 4 corners toward the center again.

Step 8

Fold the 4 corners of the piece toward the center as shown in the photo.

Step 9

This is the most important step – be careful not to tear the paper.

Step 10

Start with one corner of the product: turn the bottom edge inside out (the corner bent in the previous step will be inside the petal).

Step 11
Step 12

Repeat this action with the other corners.

Step 13

You will get the first 4 lotus petals.

Step 14

Turn the flower to the wrong side and bend 4 corners – these are the future petals.

Step 15
Step 16

Carefully turn the corners to the front side. The flower now has 8 petals.

Step 17

Repeat step 14-16 one more time.

Step 18
Step 19
Step 20

The work is finished!

Step 21
Step 22

This beautiful and sophisticated origami lotus can become a small gift or decorate the interior.

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