Origami Triangular Box

Another storage box that you can make from paper with your own hands. What to store in it is up to you. We can only assure you that its making will bring you not only benefit but also pleasure.

This is a rather complex origami, so children can cope with it with the help of their parents. The triangular box is a modular construction consisting of three parts. This means, that for its crafting you will need three square sheets of paper 15×15 cm. The colors of these sheets can be different – so the box will turn out more colorful and cheerful.

Step 1

Take the first sheet of paper. If it is one-sided, place it with the colored side down.

Step 2

Fold it in half, work out the fold, and unfold it.

Step 3
Step 4

Fold the top part to the center line.

Step 5

Also, work out the fold and unfold the paper.

Step 6

Fold the top right corner inward to the first fold line.

Step 7

Fold the paper along the top line.

Step 8

Fold the right side back along the dotted line, then unfold.

Step 9
Step 10
Step 11

Make the fold indicated by the dotted line concave by gently folding it several times.

Step 12
Step 13

Now look carefully at the instructions: fold the paper so that point A lies on the BC line.

Step 14
Step 15
Step 16

Fold point D down, as shown in the photo, and then make a fold along the dotted line.

Step 17
Step 18
Step 19

Position the shape vertically and tuck point E under the top layer of the paper.

Step 20
Step 21
Step 22

Fold the paper diagonally, then unfold it.

You have made the first of three modules.

Step 23
Step 24
Step 25

Repeat the same steps to make two more.
Now you can start assembling.

Step 26

Take any two modules and match them as shown in the photo.

Step 27
Step 28
Step 29
Step 30

The edge of the vertical side of the yellow part should go into the pocket of the red one, and the protruding edge should fit under the top layer of the red paper.

Step 31

Attach the module to these two in the same way.

Step 32
Step 33
Step 34

This is what you will get.

Step 35
Step 36

You can also make a lid for a triangular box. It consists of three identical pieces made and joined in the same way, with one exception. In steps 4-5, when you fold the top part inside, you need to make sure that its edge overlaps the center line by 2-3 mm.

Now that the box can close, its possibilities expand. You can put something in it, and then put it in a desk drawer and not be afraid that your things will fall apart or get mixed up. Use it happily and enjoy the fact that you made it yourself.

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