The tulip is a flower with character, and its origami twin is no less characteristic. Use one piece of paper for the bud, and another for the leaves and stem. Start with a square of yellow paper or any other shade of paper, depending on your taste. This detailed step-by-step instruction will show you how to make this beautiful flower and get the most realistic result.

Step 1

Create a basic square origami base. Position the square base so that the hole is at the top.

Step 2

Fold the right and left corners to the center, then unfold to form a crease.

Step 3
Step 4

Now fold the right and left corners to the fold lines made in the previous step.

Step 5

Fold again as shown.

Step 6

Flip the paper over and repeat on the backside.

Step 7

Next, fold the bottom edges to the center line.

Step 8

Repeat on the backside.

Step 9

Grasp the bottom sharp corner with one hand, and with the fingers of the other hand, open the bud as shown in the photo.

Step 10

Now let’s move on to the leaf and stem. Take a piece of green paper.

Step 11

Make a fold on the diagonal.

Step 12

Fold the top and left edges to the center line, creating an “airplane”.

Step 13

Then fold the bottom edges of the “airplane” to the center line, creating a diamond shape.

Step 14

Fold the rhombus in half lengthwise.

Step 15

Then fold edges A-B back as shown, flip the piece over, and fold edges C-D back.

Step 16
Step 17

Now unfold C-D (only C-D, not A-B) to reveal the next fold.

Step 18

Fold C-E to the indicated fold mark, then fold again using C-D.

Step 19
Step 20

Then fold along the line F-G.
Make sure this last fold does not cover the pocket shown.

Step 21
Step 22

Now take the top of the leaf and bend it back and down a bit.

Step 23

Push the tulip bud all the way into the pocket.

Step 24

You can use a little glue or double-sided tape to secure it.

And now your distinctive origami tulip is ready! Or maybe after trying to create one tulip, you are ready to go for a bouquet?

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