Did you know that there are about 5,000 species of crabs on our planet? That’s just amazing! I wonder if there is a species of Origami Crab among them.

The peculiarity of this species is that it can be any size and color. You can use colored paper from your favorite shade or make your crab out of white paper and then color it with pencils or felt-tip pens.

The hardest part of this origami is to fold the base of the “Water Bomb”. All the other steps are very simple and quick.

But don’t get scared in advance. The step-by-step instructions on folding the Water Bomb base can be found on our website. And it’s quite easy to craft it, just pay attention to details and follow the photos. After the water bomb is ready, you will only have to make six folds to get the cute voluminous crab! And if you make several of them, you can create a great seaside composition for your kids’ room decoration. This is also a nice way to learn the smallest ones about our planet. So let’s get started!

Step 1

Fold the base Water Bomb figure from 15×15 cm paper.

Step 2

Fold the side corners (only the top layer!) inwards.

Step 3

Turn the paper over.

Step 4

Fold the top corner down.

Step 5

Now fold the side corners up.

Step 6

Their bottom edges should be parallel to the center line but should not reach it.

Step 7

Turn the paper over.

Recognize it? It’s your origami crab. To make it look more like a real crab, you can add eyes. That was easy enough, wasn’t it? But the fun doesn’t end there: it all depends on your imagination. You can glue the resulting crab on a sheet of white paper, and then draw around it sand, sea, and palm trees. You will get a voluminous and very beautiful applique!

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