The origami crab looks like a real crab, and that’s thanks to the layered nature of this origami. If you follow the instructions clearly, you will get a very realistic figure! So don’t waste your time and start making this wonderful figure with us.
Build a collection of origami animals. Tell your friends about your hobby. Maybe they will like this idea too.
Do not forget to send photos of your three-dimensional crab. Make it with friends and play together. Instructions below.

Step 1

Start with a base as you would when making a frog.

Step 2

Make longitudinal cuts on the 4 legs to make 8 of them.

Step 3

You should get a figure with numerous legs, just like in the photo.

Step 4

Flip one piece from left to right. You should end up with the same piece as in the picture.

Step 5

Fold the top corner down to create the body of the three-dimensional crab.

Step 6

Make 8 legs using reverse folds.

Step 7

Make them in pairs to get a symmetrical look at the figure.

Step 8

Spread all the crab’s legs to the sides, giving a figure its shape.

Step 9

Make 2 more folds on each leg.

Step 10

Press the back of the crab’s body to the table, making the figure look more voluminous and realistic.

Step 11

Make an incision on the front legs to create claws. Now add eyes to your crab and the three-dimensional figure is ready!

Got a very cool figure, with claws that look like the real thing. And all this you just made with your own hands!
Upload photos of your works and share your impressions and tips on making with other visitors to the site.

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