One of the most popular origami crafts in the flower category is, definitely, the Lotus. The lotus is a beautiful and symbolic flower that delights with its elegance and uniqueness. Its delicate opened petals symbolize purity and insight. The meaning of Lotus is explained in many cultures and religions, so it’s more than just an elegant decoration.

In the step-by-step instructions, which you will find below, we are telling you how to create this gorgeous flower with your own hands. Crafting an Origami Lotus Flower is quite simple, so we can guarantee you will get a satisfying result. The folding of Lotus starts from one of the basic origami shapes, the Pancake base, and you can find the diagram of it on our website.

So let’s start folding your personal Lotus Flower, a symbol of rebirth and transformation. Pick a paper of the desired color, focus, and let’s go!

Step 1

Fold the blintz base. From this base, you will create your “Lotus Flower”.

Step 2

Now, fold the top right corner towards the center of the origami.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 for the other three corners.

Step 4

Don’t rush folding each corner. They have to be symmetrical.

Step 5

Iron the folds well to get straight folding lines and make up the perfect square.

Step 6

Turn over the paper.

Step 7

Now, fold the top right corner towards the center of the flower.

Step 8

Repeat step 7 for the other three corners of the future flower.

Step 9

Rotate it a little…

Step 10

Now, fold the flap up as shown by the dotted line in the photo.

Step 11

The triangular edge should look up now, as shown in the photo.

Step 12

Repeat step 10 for the other three sides of the flower.

Step 13

Turn over the paper.

Step 14

Now, fold the outer layer along the dotted line indicated in the photo.

Step 15

It should look like opening an envelope.

Step 16

Repeat steps 14-15 for the other three sides of the lotus flower.

Step 17

Finally, fold the last layer along the dotted lines shown below.

Step 18

Your beautiful origami Lotus Flower is ready!

Step 19

Add some volume to the inside of the flower, and it will look very realistic!

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