Origami modular eight-pointed star, part 2

The first part of the instructions describes how to make one of the parts of an eight-pointed star. Otherwise, such a star is called an octogram. In the ancient Slavs, it was a symbol of the sun and life. In Orthodoxy, it symbolizes eternity. Similar signs are used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.

So, if you are now on this page, it means that you have already made the most difficult part of our origami eight-pointed star. It’s just a little bit left and you can enjoy the beauty of the finished product! Or maybe you should spend a little more time and make parts for several stars at once, which can later turn into a bright and colorful garland? Then just repeat all the steps in the instructions below a few times.

Step 1

Make 8 multicolored parts according to the scheme described in the first part of the instructions.

Step 2

Position one of the pieces as shown in the photo and gently lift the top layer of the right side.

Step 3

Place the second piece in the pocket.

Step 4

Bend the second piece slightly and return the top layer of the right piece to its original position, as if you were closing the lid. In this way, the pieces will be securely fastened together.

Step 5

Do the same with the remaining six pieces. The point of each next piece should deviate from the point of the previous piece by 1/8 of a circle.

Step 6

Now turn the star face down. Lift the last pattern slightly and pull out the corner of the first pattern. It must be tucked into the pocket of the last pattern as shown in the photo.

Step 7

Turn the star face down and admire how beautiful it is! Maybe it’s time to create more. Then simply connect your paper stars with string or ribbon and you will have an unusual and incredibly beautiful Christmas tree ornament!

You can also try making your stars out of metalized paper in gold or silver shades. The result will pleasantly surprise you, and friends will ask for the address of the store where you bought such decorations!

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