Origami Octopus is folded in three stages. First, you need to make a basic Square shape. On the basis of the square, fold the origami Frog. Then, the Frog can be turned into an Octopus. It seems to be difficult, but it’s really not. Let’s go!

Step 1

To start, you need an origami Frog Base, and in the process, you will need to use scissors. Place the Frog in front of you as shown in the picture.

Step 2

Connect the left half with the right and crease the fold.

Step 3

Repeat this step three more times.

Step 4

Bend the right and left corner of the diamond to the center, so that its sides meet at the center fold line.

Step 5

Repeat this step three times as well.

Step 6

Bend the bottom corner so that it connects to the top and crease the fold.

Step 7

Repeat this action for all corners.

Step 8

Now, bend all the peaks one by one down to a horizontal plane so that the figure can stand. These are future octopus tentacles.

Step 9

Cut each tentacle along the central axis. After the cut, the halves are crossed.

Step 10

Bend each pair of tentacles to the side, so that the octopus stands on their base.

Step 11
Step 12
Step 13

Bend the tips of the tentacles to the sides, giving them a more lively look. This can be done by hand or with the edge of scissors.

Step 14

It remains to gently blow into the bottom of the figure so that the head of the Octopus takes on a more realistic look.

The instruction is very short because each action in it is repeated several times. However, you will need at least 15 minutes to fold the Octopus. Good luck!

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