This figure stands out from the rest origami flowers with smooth curves of petals like a real rose. Very beautiful and delicate origami, which can be given to a loved one as a souvenir or to decorate a larger gift with its help.

Step 2

Fold the top layer of the right side to the left side.

Step 3

Turn the figure over, with the split end pointing up.

Step 4

Wrap the bottom triangle up along the center horizontal line.

Step 5

Turn the paper over and repeat steps 2-3 on the backside.

Step 6

You should get a figure, voluminous from all sides, just like in the photo.

Step 7

Carefully flatten the resulting shape with your fingers.

Step 8

You have an equilateral triangle. Roll the first layer down by grasping the top corner.

Step 9

Check yourself with the photo, you should have a diamond shape again, but with a different fold in the center.

Step 10

Connect the lines AB and AC

Step 11

Bend the small elements of the petals as shown in the photo.

Step 12

Repeat steps 5-6 for the remaining three sides, each time unfolding the next and repeating the fold. The resulting shape should look like this

Step 13

Turn it over and fold all four corners to the center.

Step 14

You should get a closed rosebud, which we are going to “unwrap” now!

Step 15

Turn the origami over to the front side. Make neat curves and transitions, first twisting the center, and then processing each petal separately.

Step 16

Now you have a very delicate and beautiful rose, which can please the eye for a long time.

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